Quality & Supply Chain Management - A Shared Responsibility

  • Enter the Quality Note identifier (i.e "B6") in the search box and press the search button.
  • Each search result will display the current revision of each active Quality Note.
  • A search which returns no result may be due to an invalid or obsolete Quality Note identifier entry. Please verify your entry and contact your Raytheon buyer if assistance is needed.
  • Quality Notes are configured by dates. Where a Quality Note date is later than the effectivity date of your purchase order, please contact your Raytheon buyer to obtain the appropriate Quality Note matching your purchase order.
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Data Code  Definition 
DTR-A  Supplier to deliver data to Raytheon for Raytheon approval 
DTR-I  Supplier to deliver data to Raytheon for Information as required by the QNote 

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  • All updates/changes require an overnight update to this website.

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